2007 GMC Yukon Multiple Misfires-Codes-P0300-P0352-P0354-P0356-P0358

This 2007 GMC Yukon came in with multiple complaints among which were the engine seemed to have no power, the Service Engine Soon, ABS and Traction lights were on and there was a stability message displayed in the Driver’s Information Center (DIC). The customer also stated that the vehicle ran fine sometimes but as soon as the … Continue reading “2007 GMC Yukon Multiple Misfires-Codes-P0300-P0352-P0354-P0356-P0358”

1999 Ford F150, P0306 Misfire Cylinder #6

This 1999 Ford F150 Came in with a misfire on cylinder number 6. No big deal except that the spark plugs, spark plug wires and coil assembly have already been changed with quality parts. The other thing I noticed was that the misfire did not come in until the engine speed reached about 1500 RPMs. … Continue reading “1999 Ford F150, P0306 Misfire Cylinder #6”

2001 Mazda Tribute, Code P0300 and P0304

2001 Mazda Tribute with a 3.0 liter v6 engine Vin 1 and codes P0300 and P0304 stored. The P0304 code is very specific to cylinder #4 so that is where I started. After finding that cylinder #4 was one of the easiest to access I was quite happy. I first removed the coil cover on … Continue reading “2001 Mazda Tribute, Code P0300 and P0304”