2007 GMC Yukon Multiple Misfires-Codes-P0300-P0352-P0354-P0356-P0358

This 2007 GMC Yukon came in with multiple complaints among which were the engine seemed to have no power, the Service Engine Soon, ABS and Traction lights were on and there was a stability message displayed in the Driver’s Information Center (DIC). The customer also stated that the vehicle ran fine sometimes but as soon as the … Continue reading “2007 GMC Yukon Multiple Misfires-Codes-P0300-P0352-P0354-P0356-P0358”

2008 GMC Yukon, Reduced Power Mode, Code P0641 00 Stored

This 2008 GMC Yukon came in with the complaint of reduced power and the vehicle could not be driven over about 35 mph. There were a lot of codes stored but the only one of real relevance was Code P0641 Symptom 00, 5 volt reference circuit 1.  I looked at data under the TAC section … Continue reading “2008 GMC Yukon, Reduced Power Mode, Code P0641 00 Stored”

2005 GMC Sierra, Multiple Misfires

This 2005 GMC Sierra came in with a poor run condition and multiple misfire codes stored. Code P0304 was one of the misfire codes stored. While looking at data I noted that misfires on cylinder #4 were markedly higher that most of the other cylinders. Normally when confronted with high misfire counts on this engine … Continue reading “2005 GMC Sierra, Multiple Misfires”

1995 Chevrolet Pickup, Runs Poorly Sometimes – Code 15

This 1995 Chevrolet Pick up came in with a complaint that the engine would start running poorly. Bucking and jerking intermittently and just generally carrying on is what the customer stated. He also said that he has had several different shops look at the problem, he has spent a lot of money and I am … Continue reading “1995 Chevrolet Pickup, Runs Poorly Sometimes – Code 15”

2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD , 6.0 Vin U Misfire

Vehicle came in the shop, with the SES light on and an obvious misfire. Previous shops had replaced plugs and wires, removed cats, replaced both bank 2 oxygen sensors, the ECM and had swapped positions of coils and injectors for cylinder #6. I scanned vehicle and found a misfire present on #6 cylinder on a … Continue reading “2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD , 6.0 Vin U Misfire”