1995 Chevrolet Pickup, Runs Poorly Sometimes – Code 15

This 1995 Chevrolet Pick up came in with a complaint that the engine would start running poorly. Bucking and jerking intermittently and just generally carrying on is what the customer stated. He also said that he has had several different shops look at the problem, he has spent a lot of money and I am his last hope to repair his truck. Thank goodness he did not put any pressure on me. Well today was our lucky day and there was a code 15 set for low coolant temperature. Seems like a good place to start. The coolant temperature shows to be 165. A little low for a fully warmed up engine but it should not set a code on this year model truck.

I revved the engine up a little and Now I think I am a little closer to the problem. No freak cold fronts here in SC so I do not really think it just went to 40 degrees below zero.

I went to the coolant temperature sensor and started gently moving the harness around. Back to 183 degrees.

Back to minus 40 degrees F. I think we have a loose connection.

If you click on the next picture and enlarge it you will see the silver spring tabs in place in the upper connector but only empty black holes on the lower connector.

Time to replace the connector.

I cut the wires in a staggered pattern. Crimped in splicing connectors.

Slid the heat shrink tubing into place.

Heated the tubing to shrink into place.

Wrapped the wires with tape and installed new split loom. To order this repair harness please click here.

Just a different view. By the way if you did not know the temperature sensor is next to the thermostat housing.

I also spotted this during the repair. See the white arc mark on the side of the ignition coil. That is an intermittent misfire, especially when damp. I informed the customer and he said he would take care of it but he was very happy his truck was fixed.

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