Sparky’s Answers is your source for answers to automotive electrical and air conditioning problems. Topics range from light bulb replacement to automotive computer replacement and programming. There are extensive articles on air conditioning repairs. A/C posts cover blower motors, resistors, actuators, control heads, relays and wiring harness repair. There are step by step procedures for both common and not so common failures. Many makes and models. If you have an automotive wiring issue this is the place to be!

sparkyiconThe original concept behind Sparky’s Answers is simply this: The “Answers” for problems that “Sparky” encounters on a daily basis are provided to you, the reader at no charge. The hope is that the questions you have about the vehicle you are driving or working on, are already answered in our library of detailed repair posts. Hence the name “Sparky’s Answers”.


Over the years Sparky has grown from a simple wire and terminal creation to a full blown animated character. Along with the visual changes to Sparky there have been many changes to the site as well. Most have been small in scale until now. About a year ago we changed platforms so that more opportunities could be explored. There have been many ups and downs but recently we have increased server capacities to allow for faster loading speeds. The site has been completely redesigned with improved user experience in mind. The “Ask a Question” feature has been added to aid those who want to reach Sparky directly to resolve their automotive electrical or HVAC problems. Membership and subscription options have been added along with social media integration. We are in the process of rebuilding the article menu functions and accessibility. More features will be added over the coming months, Stay Tuned!