2001 Mazda Tribute, Code P0300 and P0304

2001 Mazda Tribute with a 3.0 liter v6 engine Vin 1 and codes P0300 and P0304 stored. The P0304 code is very specific to cylinder #4 so that is where I started. After finding that cylinder #4 was one of the easiest to access I was quite happy. I first removed the coil cover on … Continue reading “2001 Mazda Tribute, Code P0300 and P0304”

2001 Mazda Tribute,Code P0401 Stored

This Mazda had several problems, most of which were caused by previous work done to vehicle by others. The P0300 code is for random general misfires, P0304 is also for a misfire but is specific to cylinder #4 and P0401 is for insufficient EGR flow. I started with the easiest code which is the EGR … Continue reading “2001 Mazda Tribute,Code P0401 Stored”