2009 Saturn Aura, No Charge Condition

This 2009 Saturn Aura came in with the complaint that the alternator would not charge. Originally it came in for a no crank condition that was diagnosed as a faulty PCM. The vehicle was sent to a local dealership to have the PCM replaced under warranty. The car only had just over 31,000 miles on … Continue reading “2009 Saturn Aura, No Charge Condition”

1996 Ford F350, No Crank Condition.

This 1996 Ford F350 with a diesel engine came in with the complaint that sometimes the engine would not crank. At other times it would crank normally. Luckily for me when I got to it it would not start, almost like there was no battery in the truck. Seemed pretty simple. I connected the clamp … Continue reading “1996 Ford F350, No Crank Condition.”

1994 Lexus GS300, Starter Clicks

This 1994 Lexus GS300 came in with the typical “starter clicks but won’t crank” condition. After a quick check to make sure that battery and cables were okay, I started to remove the starter. The starter can be seen at the rear of the driver’s side of the engine but it has to be accessed … Continue reading “1994 Lexus GS300, Starter Clicks”

2002 Isuzu Rodeo 2WD Intermitent No Crank Condition, Starter Clicks

This 2002 Isuzu Rodeo came in with a complaint that sometimes while trying to crank the engine the starter will just click once each time the key is turned. After several times of trying the starter will crank the engine normally. After checking the basic battery condition along with making sure the battery cables were … Continue reading “2002 Isuzu Rodeo 2WD Intermitent No Crank Condition, Starter Clicks”