1996 Ford F350, Battery Voltage Low

This 1996 Ford F350 had multiple problems. One of which was low battery voltage while the engine was running. The owner complained that the battery would go down If he ran at night with the lights and a/c on. Go figure. At some point the ring terminal at the alternator was damaged and instead of … Continue reading “1996 Ford F350, Battery Voltage Low”

1996 Ford F350, No Crank Condition.

This 1996 Ford F350 with a diesel engine came in with the complaint that sometimes the engine would not crank. At other times it would crank normally. Luckily for me when I got to it it would not start, almost like there was no battery in the truck. Seemed pretty simple. I connected the clamp … Continue reading “1996 Ford F350, No Crank Condition.”