1994 Lexus GS300, Starter Clicks

This 1994 Lexus GS300 came in with the typical “starter clicks but won’t crank” condition. After a quick check to make sure that battery and cables were okay, I started to remove the starter. The starter can be seen at the rear of the driver’s side of the engine but it has to be accessed from the bottom.

The next step was to disconnect the wiring from the starter.


Next using long extensions and swivel sockets I removed the bolts that hold the starter to the transmission.

Well with the two attaching bolts removed, I had the starter loose but now I had to figure out how to get it out of the vehicle.

Although I really do not like moving fluid lines if I can find a different way, there seemed no other practical way to extricate the starter from it’s cage.

With the fuel lines disconnected it was reasonably easy to finish removing the starter from the car. To see the procedure for repairing the starter please click here. It  is  very detailed and takes a little while to load.

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