2003 Toyota 4Runner, A/C Stops Cooling

This 2003 Toyota 4Runner came in with the complaint that the a/c stops cooling after a while and the a/c lights on the dash start flashing. This is a common problem on later model Toyota’s in general. Most of the time it is just a failed compressor clutch relay but sometimes as in this case there is an updated part to correct the condition according to Toyota.

The MG CLT relay (magnetic clutch) is the white one in the center of the following picture.

The new relay I installed is black in color and it is and aftermarket design. I have used quite a few of these and have had no problems as of this post. There is a big difference in the cost of the original Toyota part and the aftermarket version.

The fuse box cover is marked MG CLT for the magnetic clutch relay. A quick test drive to confirm the problem was resolved and this one was done.

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  1. You can buy the part from a Toyota dealership or from a parts store. The dealership refers to it as an “Air Conditioner Magnetic Clutch Relay”. The aftermarket parts stores will generally refer to it as either an “A/C Relay” or an A/C Clutch Relay”. The genuine Toyota relays seem to last longer but they are quite a bit more expensive. I have seen the aftermarket ones only last a couple of years.

  2. The problem with my 2003 forunner is the blinking Ac light which led to a final breakdown of cooling.Took it to a technician and he changed both the compressor and condenser including another parts that looks like a compressor right inside the dashboard.He had to dismantle the entire furniture inside the car to reach this particular parts and yet the Ac failed after a week..From what I read here I guess it’s the relay.Where can I buy it and what’s the exact parts name?

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