2003 Toyota 4Runner, A/C Stops Cooling

This 2003 Toyota 4Runner came in with the complaint that the a/c stops cooling after a while and the a/c lights on the dash start flashing. This is a common problem on later model Toyota’s in general. Most of the time it is just a failed compressor clutch relay but sometimes as in this case … Continue reading “2003 Toyota 4Runner, A/C Stops Cooling”

2003 Toyota 4Runner, Battery Corrosion

This 2003 Toyota 4Runner battery post is a perfect example of why you should look under your hood and inspect things on a regular basis. It does not take long for a battery terminal to get corroded. Also with corrosion this bad something else is going on. For some reason there is battery acid leaking … Continue reading “2003 Toyota 4Runner, Battery Corrosion”