2002 Isuzu Rodeo 2WD Intermitent No Crank Condition, Starter Clicks

This 2002 Isuzu Rodeo came in with a complaint that sometimes while trying to crank the engine the starter will just click once each time the key is turned. After several times of trying the starter will crank the engine normally. After checking the basic battery condition along with making sure the battery cables were clean and tight I moved my focus to the starter itself. The starter is under the vehicle on the driver’s side. This vehicle is 2WD and the removal procedure may vary on a 4WD vehicle.

This has got to be one of the easiest starters in the world to change.

Remove the two attaching bolts.

Pull the starter out towards the front of the vehicle.

Remove the nut holding the battery cable to the starter. Depress the locking tab on the small wire and unplug. The starter is now off of the vehicle.

When reinstalling the starter attach the small wire by pushing it into position. Attach the battery cable with the nut and snug the nut down.

Starter Repair 56

This is very important when you are ready to finish tightening the nut down you must hold the battery cable firmly so that the bolt and internal starter contact will not rotate. A small shift in position is okay but if it rotates too much internal starter damage may occur and the life of the starter will be shortened. For details on how to repair the most common fault with these starters please click here .

It will take you to my post on replacing the worn contacts and plunger assembly in the Denso OSGR starters found on many vehicles. Not just Isuzu.

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  1. Not sure what version of Isuzu Rodeo you are showing, but in my 2002 SE it is impossible to remove the starter without dropping the exhaust. I attempted the replacement, but had to put the old starter back because I lack the tools to do that. As far as removing it from the front, that is also impossible, there are even more parts to remove in that direction.

    Hopefully I won’t be the only one to find this out after messing around under the car for awhile!

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