How To Search Sparky’s Answers; Old School, New School or No School?

No matter which category you fit into Sparky’s Answers has a search option for you. Try all three methods. You might find out that you are not who you think you are. Old School Old School fits me because well, I am old. I grew up in this industry and this world using a table … Continue reading “How To Search Sparky’s Answers; Old School, New School or No School?”

Changing the Crank Sensor ,Code P0335, On An H2 Hummer

In case you were ever wondering how to change a crank sensor on an H2 Hummer all I can say is you need to be about six feet tall and be able to get into the following positions.   Much shorter and you will not have the arm length needed. Much taller and I am … Continue reading “Changing the Crank Sensor ,Code P0335, On An H2 Hummer”

2009 Lexus ES350 Evaporator Core Replacement

These are just a few pictures that show just how much has to be removed in order to replace a leaking evaporator core in a 2009 Lexus ES350. This was my first time doing this job on this year,make and model of vehicle so it was a bit of a learning experience. I don’t do … Continue reading “2009 Lexus ES350 Evaporator Core Replacement”

Sparky’s going to Vegas!

Sparky will be attending the SEMA and AAPEX conventions in Las Vegas next week. As of this posting he will be unavailable to respond to any comments or emails until Monday, November 7. As you can see in the photo above, Sparky’s had an “interesting” last day before he left for Vegas. This car had … Continue reading “Sparky’s going to Vegas!”