The Sparky Character Origins

Believe it or not this is the original character that led to the creation of Sparky’s Answers. I had been told that I should start writing down or documenting the repairs that I do on a regular basis but it was not until Brad, my son in law came up with the figure you see below, that  is when I became inspired to actually do this site.

We have since played around a little bit and have come up with a few enhancements. A larger terminal, heat shrink tubing for a body and wire strand hands and fingers.

The latest attempt is an oversized bulb, a two wire socket, some heat shrink tubing and electrical tape.

The evolution of Sparky to date. The plan is to continue to develop the character and place Sparky on the site as well as printed materials. Which do you like? Would you like to submit an idea or final image? If so please send it to

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  1. I like the little fellow in the middle the best. Clean lines, well-dressed and looks like he doesn’t mind getting a little grease under the nails.

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