2002 Ford F150-Dome Light Glows

This 2002 Ford F150 Super crew pickup came in with the compliant that the dome light would glow and the rear reading lights were always about half bright. If they were manually turned on they worked normally. The glowing/half bright condition was present with the ignition on or for about an hour after the ignition … Continue reading “2002 Ford F150-Dome Light Glows”

1997 Ford Explorer, The Interior Lights Stay On

This 1997 Ford Explorer came in with the complaint that the dome lights would stay on with all of the doors closed.  I tried using one of my scan tools to look at data for the door ajar switches but was only able to see the information for the driver’s  door and the passenger front … Continue reading “1997 Ford Explorer, The Interior Lights Stay On”

1997 F150, Changing The GEM Module, Window & Wipers Inop

This 1997 Ford F150 needs the GEM module changed due to multiple conditions. To see testing that lead to this repair please click here. The GEM module is located at the rear of the interior fuse box. The first step is to remove the trim panel that covers the gap between the upper side of … Continue reading “1997 F150, Changing The GEM Module, Window & Wipers Inop”

1997 Ford F150, Power Windows Inop

This 1997 Ford F150 came in with three complaints. The power windows do not work. The wipers do not work and the interior lights do not work. Figuring that they were all related I decided to test the easiest system to access, the power windows. I pulled the driver’s side power window switch assembly up … Continue reading “1997 Ford F150, Power Windows Inop”