1997 F150, Changing The GEM Module, Window & Wipers Inop

This 1997 Ford F150 needs the GEM module changed due to multiple conditions. To see testing that lead to this repair please click here. The GEM module is located at the rear of the interior fuse box.

The first step is to remove the trim panel that covers the gap between the upper side of the steering column and the dash. It just unsnaps from the dash. It makes it a little easier to remove if you move the shifter all the way down to drive 1.

With that out of the way the lower dash cover can now be removed. Most of the screws have 7 mm heads but there are two that have 8 mm heads.

Those two are at the lower edge of the fuse box.

One wiring harness needs to be disconnected from the panel.

Now the screws for the fuse box can be removed.

The wiring harnesses can be removed from the back of the fuse box. Two 10 mm headed bolts at the center of each connector.

Next remove the tube brace from around the bottom of the steering column. Four fasteners with 13 mm heads.

Now wiggle, pry and twist the fuse box and GEM module assembly down.

After the assembly is down far enough unplug the remaining harness connectors from the GEM module.

Almost there.

The assembly is now free of the vehicle.

The GEM module is held to the back of the fuse box by three phillips headed screws.

Easy to remove Now.

With the three screws removed the GEM unplugs from the back of the fuse box.

I put it all back together and checked my repair for power to the driver’s power window switch.


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  1. I have a 97 Ford F-150 4.6l 2wd m/t with power windows, mirrors, and locks. I had a shop change my driver’s side window regulator and motor with new. I’ve installed new relays all around. I’ve installed used interior fuse box, GEM module and used master switch cause a new one from rockauto.com is not compatible. If I apply separate 12v directly to the driver’s side window motor it works correctly. Prior to changing the GEM module I had intermittent issues with wipers not turning off and turn signals not blinking. When the driver’s window is down and I hook everything up back to factory the master switch will roll window up but when it gets to closed position the dome light flash’s and relay click’s and window won’t roll down. Passengers side window work’s as it should from either switch. Now that I changed the GEM module and interior fuse box seems to have fixed wiper problems. Unfortunately I got the wrong Gem mine is a f75b14a205mb and new one is a F85B 14a205ma everything but the driver’s side window rolling down works properly. Any idea what the part number is for the driver’s side door wiring harness? Waiting for a multi meter to arrive to check out everything at the master switch. Please help

    1. If you will re ask this question in the Ask A Question section I could share a wiring diagram with you and help set up a test procedure. As far as part numbers and applications you would need to contact a Ford dealership.

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