2000 BMW 323I, Changing The Front Turns Signal Bulb

This 2000 BMW 323I came in with the right front turn signal not working. It took me a little while to figure out exactly how to remove the light assembly but I knew something happened through this slotted hole. I could see this tab through the slot and tried to move it from side to … Continue reading “2000 BMW 323I, Changing The Front Turns Signal Bulb”

1993 BMW 318IS, No Charge Condition

This 1993 BMW 318IS came in with the complaint that the battery would go dead after a few days of driving. The battery and the alternator had been changed, with no success. The first thing I spotted when I opened the hood and look at the alternator was a 12 gauge red ground wire,  that … Continue reading “1993 BMW 318IS, No Charge Condition”

2000 BMW 323i , Locked Out

A friend of mine came to me one day needing some help with his daughter’s car, a 2000 BMW 323i that was locked and all attempts to get in failed. He asked me if I knew of any tricks to get into the car. I told him no but would look into it. Well a … Continue reading “2000 BMW 323i , Locked Out”