2007 Lincoln Town Car HVAC Actuator Replacement

Now that the Dash Assembly is out of this 2007 Town Car it is time to start changing actuators. The image below is of the backside of the dash assembly. In the very center of the picture is the mode housing. If you look to the right edge you should notice a white round piece of plastic. The Panel/Defrost Mode actuator is located directly above it. To the left of center you should notice a third slightly smaller duct opening. The Floor/Defrost Mode actuator is located directly above that opening. Both actuators have a six cavity harness connector with only five wires installed.


Okay by this time I was about done with this project so there are some gaps in the steps as far as pictures go. From the front side of the dash behind the radio opening there are two black screws with 7 mm heads that have to be removed. They secure the center mode duct work assembly to the main dash assembly. Notice at either end of the dash assembly are a face vent opening and a smaller side window defogger vent.


Going back to the back side of the dash assembly. On the right side in the next image there is a metal bracket above where the steering column mounts. It is held in place by a single 11 mm headed screw. To the left above the glove box opening there is a metal bar that is held in place by a single 8 mm headed screw. Now that those are out of the way the left and right duct assembly tubes can be removed. They are all held in place by multiple 7 mm headed screws with a coppery color and are attached to plastic supports.  There are two or three 7 mm screws that are black in color that attach the ducts to lower metal brackets. It is very important to return the screws to their proper locations during reassembly due to a difference in thread design.


No that all of that other stuff is out of the way the center mode duct housing can be pulled from the dash assembly. The defrost ducts will still be attached. There are four screws with 8 mm heads that hold the defrost duct work to the main mode assembly. Two are located at the top rear edge and two are located on the face side of the assembly.


The defrost duct work can now be separated from the main housing.



The Floor/ Defrost Mode actuator is located on the glove box side of the housing. All of the actuators are attached with 8 mm screws.


The Panel/Defrost Mode  actuator is located on the steering column side of the duct. Note that the white aspirator tube has been removed to access the mounting screws.


The next image shows the Fresh Air/Recirculation actuator that is still mounted in the vehicle. The dash assembly Does Not have to be removed to change this actuator.


To the left of the glove box opening is the Passenger Side Temperature Blend door actuator. Again the dash assembly Does Not have to be removed to replace this actuator.


To the right of the steering column area is the Driver’s Side Temperature Blend door actuator. I Think this can be changed without removing the dash assembly. It would be a little difficult though so I replaced it while the dash was already out and it was easy to access.


The new actuator installed above the white aspirator tube.


Now all I have to do is put it all back together.


If one was to try and change the driver’s side temperature door actuator the lighting control module would need to be removed first. It is shown in the next image. Keep in mind that the view would be from the gas pedal looking back towards the driver’s seat. Note the white aspirator tube just above it.


The driver’s temperature blend door actuator would be located just forward of the white aspirator tube.


The passenger side temperature door actuator (left) and the fresh air/recirculation (right) actuators.


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