Replacing The Contacts And Plunger In A Denso OSGR Starter

To order parts please click here. To see how easy it is to repair your own starter please read on. This post has been a long time coming and it is pretty lengthy. It pertains to repairing the clicks but will not crank sometimes failure found in Denso & Nippondenso Offset Gear Reduction Starters (OSGR) … Continue reading “Replacing The Contacts And Plunger In A Denso OSGR Starter”

1993 Toyota Camry Tail Lights Inoperative

This 1993 Toyota Camry came in with the complaint that the tail lights do not work. The front park lights and the dash lights work. I checked the bulbs in the rear and found that the bulbs were good and that there was no power on the tail light wire (light green). I consulted a … Continue reading “1993 Toyota Camry Tail Lights Inoperative”

1984 Toyota Pickup Charging System Over Charges

A customer brought in a very clean 1984 Toyota Pickup with only about 65,000 miles on it with an over charging condition. The alternator had already been replaced. The customer had tried a new voltage regulator with no change in the over charge condition. I tested the wires at the voltage regulator and found that … Continue reading “1984 Toyota Pickup Charging System Over Charges”

1998 Toyota Avalon A/C Inop

The blower, most of the push buttons and the outside temperature display were inop. Checked basic fuses and all were okay. I did some research and found that there is a problem with the outside air / recirculation motors failing and shutting down the control assembly. The motor is located behind the glove box. Before … Continue reading “1998 Toyota Avalon A/C Inop”