1984 Toyota Pickup Charging System Over Charges

A customer brought in a very clean 1984 Toyota Pickup with only about 65,000 miles on it with an over charging condition. The alternator had already been replaced.

The customer had tried a new voltage regulator with no change in the over charge condition.

I tested the wires at the voltage regulator and found that there was no power on the battery sense terminal (White) going to the regulator. I had power on the ignition feed wire (Red) and also on the charge light wire (Yellow).

I back tracked to find the open circuit. I checked the connector near the regulator and there was no power there either on the smaller white wire.

I went to the connector, behind the driver’s side headlight and I had no power on the regulator side of the connector.

I checked the battery side of the connector and there was power present. I tried to pull the connector apart to inspect it for damage but it was melted together.

I knew that I would not be able to find a new connector and that it would take a while to find a used one. After consulting with the customer, we agreed to cut out the faulty connector and splice the wires back together. I cut the wires as close to the connector as possible and by doing so I was able to splice them directly together without having to add in extra wire.

Of course, I used quality, seamless, non insulated butt connectors and dual wall heat shrink tubing.

After melting the heat shrink tubing into place, I wrapped the harness with tape to finish the repair.

I rechecked the wiring to the regulator and the signal was back. The system is now charging properly

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