2013 Dodge Charger-A/C Compressor Not Working

This 2013 Dodge Charger came in from a body shop to have the a/c serviced after the front clip was replaced. That service went fine and there were no problems until the car was being picked up. All of the data looked fine but the compressor was not coming on even though the data showed … Continue reading “2013 Dodge Charger-A/C Compressor Not Working”

2006 Buick Lucerne-Runs Hot

This 2006 Buick Lucerne came in with the complaint that the engine would run hot sometimes. The cooling fans had been replaced with used parts and the coolant reservoir had also been replaced. The customer had stated that someone told them that the oxygen sensor could be causing the problem. I told him that I … Continue reading “2006 Buick Lucerne-Runs Hot”

2001 Nissan Altima SE, A/C Erratic

This 2001 Nissan Altima SE came in with the complaint that the a/c compressor would not engage properly. the customer stated that the compressor work fine sometimes. At other times it would click on and off several times before not coming on at all. Of course when I checked it seemed to work fien. Well … Continue reading “2001 Nissan Altima SE, A/C Erratic”