2013 Dodge Charger-A/C Compressor Not Working

This 2013 Dodge Charger came in from a body shop to have the a/c serviced after the front clip was replaced. That service went fine and there were no problems until the car was being picked up. All of the data looked fine but the compressor was not coming on even though the data showed that it was.

I checked the a/c compressor fuse with the engine running and the a/c system on. As my test light touched the fuse I could hear the compressor engage.

This indicated a poor connection at the fuse itself so I removed the fuse for inspection. If you enlarge the following image you can clearly see the arc mark on the fuse that I am pointing to with my test light.

I scraped the matching arc marks off of the female terminals in the fuse box and used a pick to bend the tabs back in. Care needs to be taken to make sure everything stays square. I also installed a new fuse. The best way to fix this is to install a new fuse box assembly but the customer did not want to go that deep into this repair.

While I was in the fuse box I thought I might as well identify the a/c compressor relay location.

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