1991 Ford E150 Battery Goes Dead Overnight

This 1991 Ford E150 van came in with the complaint that the battery will go dead overnight unless the customer disconnects the battery or leaves a battery charger hooked to the battery. The first thing I had to do was to check for a battery drain. There are several ways to do this and I … Continue reading “1991 Ford E150 Battery Goes Dead Overnight”

No Charge Condition 1988 Ford Thunderbird

A 1988 Ford Thunderbird came in with a no charge condition and the alternator had already been changed. Although the following post is about a Thunderbird, the Mercury Cougar has the same failure. Testing at the alternator found that there was no ignition power on the light green wire with a red tracer at the … Continue reading “No Charge Condition 1988 Ford Thunderbird”

1984 Toyota Pickup Charging System Over Charges

A customer brought in a very clean 1984 Toyota Pickup with only about 65,000 miles on it with an over charging condition. The alternator had already been replaced. The customer had tried a new voltage regulator with no change in the over charge condition. I tested the wires at the voltage regulator and found that … Continue reading “1984 Toyota Pickup Charging System Over Charges”

1987 Dodge Dakota No Charge Condition

This 1987 Dodge Dakota came in with the complaint of the battery going dead while driving. After checking the system at the battery with a volt meter and amp meter, I went to the voltage regulator on the firewall to start testing. I don’t get a chance to work on something this simple very often … Continue reading “1987 Dodge Dakota No Charge Condition”