2000 Dodge Caravan, Changing The Alternator Brushes.

This 2000 Dodge Caravan with a 2.4 liter engine came in with the complaint that the battery light was coming on. The battery had not gone dead at this time but the customer was concerned. I finally got it to act up long enough to determined it was worn brushes in the alternator. The first … Continue reading “2000 Dodge Caravan, Changing The Alternator Brushes.”

1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager, Horn Will Not Turn Off

This 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager came in with a complaint that the horn would not turn off. My first thoughts were either a stuck relay or a sticking horn switch. I tried the horn and it did not work at all. I located the horn relay and found that it had been removed by another … Continue reading “1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager, Horn Will Not Turn Off”

1999 Plymouth Voyager, Cooling Fans Inop

This 1999 Plymouth Voyager came in with the complaint that the cooling fans do not operate. It is a very common problem on Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth minivans. The surprising thing to me on this one was the location of the cooling fan relay or module. The relay is located below the driver’s side headlight … Continue reading “1999 Plymouth Voyager, Cooling Fans Inop”

Power Windows Inop 1992 Dodge Van

This 1992 Dodge full sized van came in with the customer complaint of power windows inop. The customer had already replaced the switch with no improvement. I quickly checked and found no power on the large tan wire at the driver’s side power window switch. Having been down this road before I looked at the … Continue reading “Power Windows Inop 1992 Dodge Van”

1987 Dodge Dakota No Charge Condition

This 1987 Dodge Dakota came in with the complaint of the battery going dead while driving. After checking the system at the battery with a volt meter and amp meter, I went to the voltage regulator on the firewall to start testing. I don’t get a chance to work on something this simple very often … Continue reading “1987 Dodge Dakota No Charge Condition”