2000 Dodge Caravan, Changing The Alternator Brushes.

This 2000 Dodge Caravan with a 2.4 liter engine came in with the complaint that the battery light was coming on. The battery had not gone dead at this time but the customer was concerned. I finally got it to act up long enough to determined it was worn brushes in the alternator. The first … Continue reading “2000 Dodge Caravan, Changing The Alternator Brushes.”

Changing Brushes in a Denso Alternator

To check and change the brush holder assembly on a Denso internal fan alternator, start by removing the nut on the insulator post. Then with the insulator removed proceed to removing the remaining nuts, one screw and ground strap. The extra screw and ground strap will not always be present. Note that this particular alternator … Continue reading “Changing Brushes in a Denso Alternator”