1996 Honda Civic #15 Fuse Blown

This 1996 Honda Civic came in with a complaint of the battery going dead. I checked and sure enough it was not charging and based on experience I checked to see if the speedometer was working. It was not. Knowing that this is a common fault with Civics, I checked to see if fuse #15 was blown in the interior fuse box and it was. Time to rack the car up. The following pictures are from underneath the car looking up past the driver’s side half shaft assembly.

The wires above the bracket that braces the intake to the block commonly rub through the insulation until a short circuit is made.

The bracket is easy to remove, just two bolts.

If you will double click on the following picture you can see where the Black/Yellow wire is melted.

This picture shows where the wire has shorted out against the bracket and left a rusty arc mark.

If you double click on the following picture you can see the bare copper wire exposed on the Black/Yellow wire. I took a short piece of electrical tape and wrapped it around the one wire.

Then I wrapped the harness with friction tape.

I also wrapped the bracket with friction tape. I installed the bracket and a new wire tie for the harness attached to it. Replaced the fuse and checked the system. All okay.

Update: Although the harness rubbing on the bracket in this article is a very common problem on these vehicles, there have been several reports in the comments that Civic owners are finding shorted oxygen sensors as another cause of fuse #15 blowing. So you may want to check the wiring around the oxygen sensors to make sure they are not shorting out on the exhaust. If no problem is found there disconnect the oxygen sensor wiring to see if the short will go away.

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  1. My best guess from what you are reporting is that the 65-02 is some sort of tool manufacturer code and it is detecting a problem with the O2 heater circuits and the reverse switch circuit. I would recommend asking your Blue Point // Snap On tool representative.

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