1996 Jeep Cherokee Blower Inop

This 1996 Jeep Cherokee Classic came in with a complain of no blower operation. I asked if the the power windows were inop as part of my diagnostic routine but the customer informed me that this Jeep had manual windows. I then looked at the bottom of the steering column cover and saw a melted spot where the wires plug into the ignition switch. Diagnosis of faulty ignition switch and harness connector.

Unfortunately this picture is too dark to see the melted spot. However I started the repair by removing the torx screws that held on the bottom steering column cover.

Next, I removed the tilt handle by unscrewing it.

The next picture shows one of the ignition switch wires burnt in two.

Another view.

The two terminals on the top are burnt. Click on the picture to see a better view.

In order to remove the ignition switch, tamper resistant torx bits are needed.

With the screws removed there is only one harness left for the key light and buzzer switch.

Remove the retaining screw and bracket or push in the lock cylinder pin depending on the design.

Rotate the key until the cylinder pops part way out.

Remove the key and the cylinder will finish coming out of the switch.

Install the lock cylinder into the new switch and install the new bracket and screw depending on design.

The new harness assembly.

I removed the locking comb.

Used and angled terminal removal tool to remove the wires that I would not have to splice into the harness.

You can double click on the picture to better see the tip design.

I positioned the undamaged wire terminals into the new connector and spliced the two new wires into the damaged harness assembly.

I used a heat gun to shrink the heat shrink tubing.

Wrapped the harness with tape and formed into position. Plugged it up to previously installed switch and installed the steering wheel covers.

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