2001 Ford Explorer No Stoplights

The customer complaint on this 2001 Ford Explorer was that the lower stoplights did not work. The CHMSL (center high mounted stop light) did work so that indicated that the stoplight fuse and the stoplight switch were both okay. I tilted the steering wheel up and down while depressing the brake pedal and the lower stoplight bulbs came on. Diagnosis of a faulty connection at the turn signal/combination switch. I went ahead and unscrewed the tilt handle.

Then, I removed the screws holding the lower steering column cover in place.

I put the tilt handle back in so that I could move the column fully down.

It makes it easier to remove the top cover.

You can clearly see on of the wires pulled completely out of the harness connector.

I next carefully removed all of the wires from the new harness connector.

Then removed one wire at a time from the old connector and slid it into the new connector body. It just is not practical to splice in that many wires into this very tight area as there was no actual terminal damage. Only the plastic retaining pins in the connector body were broken.

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