1999 Jeep Cherokee, Ignition Switch Will Not Turn Off

This 1999 Jeep Cherokee came in with the complaint that the key would not turn off. I pulled it in the shop and pulled the fuel pump relay from the under hood fuse box so the engine would die. The customer had already made a mess of the steering column covers so I actually had … Continue reading “1999 Jeep Cherokee, Ignition Switch Will Not Turn Off”

1996 Jeep Cherokee Blower Inop

This 1996 Jeep Cherokee Classic came in with a complain of no blower operation. I asked if the the power windows were inop as part of my diagnostic routine but the customer informed me that this Jeep had manual windows. I then looked at the bottom of the steering column cover and saw a melted … Continue reading “1996 Jeep Cherokee Blower Inop”