1993 Lincoln Town Removing The Right Rear Power Window Motor

This 1993 Lincoln Town Car came in with the complaint that the right rear passenger power window stalls when going up. Works fine if you help the motor by lifting on the glass. Pretty cut and dry worn out torque pins in the power window motor. The first step in the repair is to remove the interior door panel.

The first thing I usually start with is the trim covers for the pull handle retaining screws. To remove the covers I push up on the trim panel with my thumb and use a pocket screw driver to lift the top edge up and off the handle.

Now the screw can be removed. Repeat on the other end of the handle.

Now there is one screw at the front edge of the panel that has to be removed.

There is another screw at the rear edge of the door panel.

One screw under the ash tray cover on the switch panel.

One screw on the trim panel at the interior door handle.

With all of the screws removed the door panel can be pulled off the door. It is held in place by push pin retainers. Some Ford vehicles of this era use hooks on the door panel interior edges and the panel has to lifted up and off of the door. Take your time to see how yours comes off.

Notice the three rivets that are holding the motor end of the window regulator assembly to the door. They will need to be removed.

To remove the rivets I use a center punch to drive the core out of the rivet center.

With the steel core removed the rivet can now be drilled out.

After the rivets are removed the motor will pull down enough to gain access to the screws that hold the motor to the regulator. You will need a square bit to remove the screws.

Now the steel adapter plate can be slid out of the door. Note the orientation so that you will know how to reassemble. Save this part as you will need it to reassemble the motor to the regulator.

Now the motor can come out for repair or replacement.

To see how to replace the worn out torque pins please click here.

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