Changing The Flasher On A 2003 Buick Century

2003 Buick Century with erratic turn signals. sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. A fuse cannot come and go so I decided to check the flasher. The flasher is located behind the left side of the dash.

Remove the fuse cover and then the lower dash cover and metal bracket in order to gain access.

The flasher is the lower part shown in the picture. This picture was taken from the right side of the steering column looking back towards the driver’s door.

The wiring harness tab has to be pushed in to release it from the retainer shown at the left of the flasher.

The relay has to be released from the mounting retainer.

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  1. Check for power on the light blue wire, terminal A1 at the flasher, terminals E6 & E8 at the turn signal switch connector. E6 is for turn signals and E8 is for hazards.

    Terminal B2 and the flasher is a black wire and should have a constant ground present.

    Terminal C1 is a purple wire and sends the intermittent power signal back to the turn signals switch, terminal E18, to be distributed to the rest of the vehicle wiring.

  2. I replaced the relay and my turn signals and flashers still don’t work… I also checked replaced the 10 amp fuse for the signals and 20 amp fuse for the flashers… any ideas?

      1. I will need more information from you. Please click on the My Account button at the top right of the page (desktop). Scroll down to My Questions and click on the Open A Ticket button. Then give details information about the issue you are having and your vehicle. Thanks, Sparky

  3. Thank you, thank you!! After my turn signals went out this afternoon, I checked the fuse and it was ok, replaced it anyway but still no turn signlas. Checked Emergency Flasher and that wasn’t working either, so started to look for the flasher. Gave up after 15 minutes and did a search and your page came up. Within 10 minutes, I had the flasher out. Thanks again.

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