1993 Mercury Grand Marquis,Wipers Do Not Park Properly

The wipers work fine except that they park with the wiper blades up, including while they are paused in delay mode. The problem is generally caused by a faulty mechanical park mechanism. and it has been my experience in the southeastern USA that leaves are the culprit. You will see in the following pictures. Let’s open it up and see.The wiper motor is located under the hood under a plastic cover. In order to gain access the wiper arms have to be removed. you have to lift the arms up off of the windshield about and inch or two and then slide the lock out and lift. There are pictures of the locks at the end of this article. Next the cowl covers have to be removed. They are attached with multiple screws and push clips. When the panels are loose you will have to remove the washer hoses from the rear of each panel. After those panels are out of the way you can release the tab locks and lift the cover out of the way.

This unfortunately is what you will probably see. Believe it or not I have seen a lot worse build up.

Armed with a shop vac start removing the debris so that you will be able to see all of the bolts holding the housing assembly down and so that the drains will be opened back up.

There are six bolts holding the housing down that have to be removed.

After the housing is loose you will need to remove the three bolts holding the motor to the housing.

The clip holding the linkage to the motor assembly has to be removed. Don’t loose this clip you have to have it to reassemble. Also Do Not let the linkage arm lay where it is in the picture. It got hooked under the edge of the glass and Sparky had to replace a windshield. Stuff happens, try not to let it happen to you. Disconnect the wiring. Use a small screwdriver to help release the clips.

Bolt the new motor in place and reconnect the harnesses.

When installed properly the arm should be position as illustrated in the following picture.

Reinstall the clip.

And put all of the panels back in place.

When removing the wiper arms the locks have to be released. Lift the arms away from the glass and slide the locking arms outward as shown in the following pictures.

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