1999 Pontiac Bonneville, Changing The Serpentine Belt

A customer friend called and asked if I knew a trick to changing the serpentine belt on his car. I told him to bring it by and we would look at it. The belt is inter weaved with the front engine mount and we found it requires removal of a spacer .

The spacer is located above and to the right of the crank sensor connection.

The bolt has to be removed and the sensor has to be disconnected. If only the nut comes off during removal. The stud has a hex or a torx end on it for removal of the stud.

After disconnecting the sensor and removing the stud the spacer will come out from the bottom.

When installing the spacer and stud, you have to line the mating edges as square as possible in order to slide the spacer into place. I also used a pry bar to slightly pull out the lower bracket arm.

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