Replacing Torque Pins In Ford Power Window Motor

It was and still is very common for the torque pins inside Ford and some Chrysler power window motors to fail. The following instructions are for repairing the motor once it is out of the door. A Ford motor is being shown. Chysler motors are similar but the gears are installed backwards.

Remove the single screw that holds the dust cover in place.

Remove the dust cover.

Pull the metal gear out of the motor assembly. Sometimes there is a very small “C” clip that has to be removed first.

Remove the plastic gear and clean debris from gear. Inspect the outer gear teeth for damage. If no damage is found, place the plastic gear on a flat surface and with a punch and hammer beat the plastic back down where the metal gear pushed it up.

Next clean the debris from the motor housing. Use a pick or similar device to get all of the small pieces out. DO NOT USE AIR OR SOLVENT AS THEY CAN DAMAGE THE MOTOR. To fully clean all debris from the motor you may need to plug it back into the door and run the motor in both directions to expose all fragments. You can also use a battery if you wish.

After all cleaning and prep work is done you can assemble the pieces back together.

Place all of the pieces together as shown below. You can place two of the torque pins and the two gears together very loosely and then position the third torque pin into position at an angle as shown.

When all of the pieces are in place squeeze firmly until fully seated.

This particular type of motor out of a 1993 Town Car does not use much grease and I do not recommend adding any as very little is lost if you clean it properly. If you add too much grease to this type of motor it will only work about a dozen times before it fails and has to be removed to clean the grease off of the brushes and commutator. Yes, I know this from experience. If your motor is round, the wires are attached at the far end of the motor from the transmission assembly and was originally packed with grease then you may grease to your hearts content. Otherwise do not.

Place the dust cover into position.

Install retaining screw.

Test the motor functions before completely installing and if all is well install in the door.

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