1989 Dodge Dakota Blower Inop

1989 Dodge Dakota with a complaint of no blower operation. I have had lots of experience with these and went straight to the problem. Luckily this year model has the blower resistor in a convenient location. Sometimes they are inside the dash or under the washer reservoir at the cowl area on various Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth products.

After unplugging the harness connector and removing the two screws, I could remove and examine the resistor coils for damage.

The heat and subsequent rust damage are clearly visible in the pictures.

Installed the new resistor and I did reconnected the harness even though the picture shows it still disconnected. Checked blower operation and all speeds now work.

As a side note it does not hurt to check to make sure rain water will drain out of the area and make sure there are no leaves or other debris restricting air flow through the evaporator or heater core.

If the connector is burnt and you need to replace it, click here for product information.

If you have any questions, please email me at info@the-electric-connection.com.

7 discussions on “1989 Dodge Dakota Blower Inop”

  1. Glad some things NEVER change. Score another one for the old blower resistor. 2nd one in 22 years for my old faithful 89 Dakota Sport 4×4, so no complaints for a $12 replacement. 226,765 original-owner miles and STILL rolling. Any tips, hints, suggestions for doing the a/c conversion on the ol’ huntin’ dog??

    Chuck Brooks

  2. Thanks for the information. My 89 Dakota blower stopped working, the fuse checked out ok, and I was just about to start taking out the blower motor, when I found your webpage. My resistor was just about identical to your photos, with a wire burnt off and a dirt-dauber nest in the resistor housing too. Just like the other comments, I moved the wire over a couple of spots and the blower works great. Thanks again for you efforts.

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