2007 Toyota Tacoma, Overhead Display Blank

This 2007 Toyota Tacoma came in with the complaint that the compass and thermometer in the overhead display was not working. The owner of the Tacoma told me that he knew what was wrong and just needed some help soldering a part back together. He also told me that a friend of his has a … Continue reading “2007 Toyota Tacoma, Overhead Display Blank”

Toyota Recalls Vehicles, Gas Pedals Stick On Floor Mats

Being in the automotive business I generally keep up with with headlines in the automotive field. I was recently watching the news one morning, and there was a piece on a recall by Toyota on several of it’s late model vehicles for problems related to the accelerator pedals getting stuck on the floor mats. Seems … Continue reading “Toyota Recalls Vehicles, Gas Pedals Stick On Floor Mats”