2007 Toyota Tacoma, Overhead Display Blank

This 2007 Toyota Tacoma came in with the complaint that the compass and thermometer in the overhead display was not working. The owner of the Tacoma told me that he knew what was wrong and just needed some help soldering a part back together. He also told me that a friend of his has a 2006 Tacoma with the same problem.

He already had it taken apart and showed me where he had taped the resistor back into position. He said that it actually worked for a while like that. He also said that when he originally took the display apart the resistor was missing and he had to look for it inside the assembly. Once he found it he taped it into position so he would not lose it. Notice that the tape is discolored by the heat build up of a poor connection.

The resistor initially appeared to be connected but a gentle prod with my pocket screw driver and it moved.

I maneuvered it  off of the circuit board and set about cleaning the tape residue from all connection points.

I then used a 25 watt pencil style soldering iron and some patience to reattach the resistor to the circuit board.

We reassembled the overhead console.

Connected the harnesses.

Slid the rear hooks up and into rear edge of the headliner.

I pushed the front of the assembly up to engage the spring clips. To remove the assembly you would need to grip it as I am in the next picture and pull down. Also note that the display is working.

The hole for the mounting screw.

He installed the screw while I took the picture.

The screw is of course located above the sun glass holder.

This one was done and at least for me the easiest repair of the day. The Tacoma owner had done all of the hard work in determining what was wrong. From a little bit of research I found that this is a common problem for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 year model Toyota Tacomas.

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