Replacing Worn Brushes In A Delphi Alternator

This alternator was removed from a 2002 Chevrolet Suburban. To replace the brushes in this alternator the rear plastic cover first has to be removed. There are several slots around the exterior surface of the black plastic cover. Using a small screwdriver inserted into the slot, pry out on the lower end to release the … Continue reading “Replacing Worn Brushes In A Delphi Alternator”

2002 Chevrolet Astro Van, Battery Went Dead

2002 Chevrolet Astro Van was referred to me by  two different shops because the battery would go dead quickly and at one of the shops the battery got very hot and the sub harness from the brake proportioning valve switch caught on fire. The battery had been replaced, the master cylinder was replaced and unfortunately … Continue reading “2002 Chevrolet Astro Van, Battery Went Dead”