Replacing Worn Brushes In A Delphi Alternator

This alternator was removed from a 2002 Chevrolet Suburban. To replace the brushes in this alternator the rear plastic cover first has to be removed. There are several slots around the exterior surface of the black plastic cover.

Using a small screwdriver inserted into the slot, pry out on the lower end to release the hook. It helps to lift the plastic cover, either by hand or with another screwdriver, as the hooks are released.

With the cover removed there are three torx screws that need to be removed. One at the side of the brush holder assembly and the two that are on either side of the regulator plug housing. An E5 socket is needed.

All three torx screws are removed and now it is time to take the cap off of the brush holder assembly. There are two hooks on one side and one on the other. Care should be taken to only move the hooks far enough to release them as they can be broken easily.

The top brush is simple to remove as the terminal end will lift up and off of the regulator ear. Then the brush can be slid out of the holder slot. The lower one takes a little bit of effort. Gently lift up on the brush holder ear that is on top of the lower brush terminal end. A screwdriver works well for this. Then wiggle the brush terminal out from under the black brush holder ear. Once it is free the brush can be removed from the brush holder slot.

In the next picture you will see the new brushes to the right. I am holding the old brushes. Note that the surface of the brush on the right is shiny. It has been making contact with the slip ring on the rotor. The surface on the left brush is very dull and that is because it has had poor contact with the slip ring and arcing has occurred. The arcing causes the surface to dull and become slightly rough. You can click on the image to enlarge for a better view.

When installing the new brushes the longer side of the brush is inserted to the right side as shown below.

The brush has to be worked in a little at a time as shown below. It may require lifting the ear of the brush holder with a screw driver.

Once both brushes are installed I spend a little extra time to make sure the leads are fully inside the slots and the terminal ends are seated and square.

Normally when the brushes are correctly installed, they will hold in place long enough to place the retaining cap into position and lock it in place.

As you can see in the next picture there is quite a difference between the worn out brushes on the left and the new brushes on the right. If you need a set of brushes for your Delphi alternator please click here.

The alternator is charging again and for a much lower expense compared to buying an alternator.

You can also see it charging on the dash volt meter.

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  1. Thanks a lot. I used to change a lot of brushes in the70’s and with the help of your instructions I was able to do it again and not have to buy an alternator which is ridiculous when most of the time the only thing wrong was the brushes. I could only find them locally an hour’s drive away but had them overnighted to me and now I’m back in business. Again thanks.
    Hutch in WV

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