2000 Nissan Maxima – Dash Lights Do Not Work

Adam B: I just installed a radio in my Maxima and now I do not have any lights in the instruments cluster or any other controls. What could be the problem?

Sparky: Are your tail and park lights working?

Adam B: Yes. They all work just the lights in the dash don’t.

Sparky: Remove the panel dimming switch that is located to the left of the steering column. You may have to loosen or remove the cluster bezel first. Turn the light on and check for power on the red/white wire and the red/yellow wire. Check for ground on the black wire. If all signals are present jump the red/yellow wire to the black wire and see if the dash lights come on. If they come on the panel dimming switch is faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Adam B: I jumped the wire like u said and the lights came on. How can I fix the switch?

Sparky: You will need to carefully open it up and look for a burnt out spot on the printed circuit board. If I remember correctly there is a small strip of the circuit that will burn out near one edge. Sometimes you can clean the pieces and bridge the gap with solder. If it is too wide you will need a small piece of wire to lay across the gap and solder it in place.

Adam B:  You were right. We used a small piece of wire to jump the gap and soldered it in place. I had a friend do the soldering. He likes to build stuff like that.  Lights all work fine now. Thanks.

Sparky: Glad to help.

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