2005 GMC Yukon-Blower Speeds 4 & 5 Do Not Work

Jed J: I have a 2005 Yukon XL. The Heater and AC don’t not work on settings 4 and 5. I was going to replace the Blower Motor Resistor. I have looked at the connector and Terminal “G” Red and Terminal “C” Purple are burnt. I was going to do what you did in your video and replace the Blower Motor Resistor and Connector. Do I really need to replace the Blower Motor Resistor? Can’t I just replace the Connector? Does it matter what brand of Blower Motor Resistor I buy? Some are around $30 and others are as much as $60+.
One last thing, yesterday setting 5 worked just fine. I will try it again tomorrow. And see what happens.

Sparky:  Everyone’s situation is different so I can only relate my experience with these types of repairs. Any time you have a heat damaged connection you have to replace the terminals on both the harness connector and the component it attaches to with new parts in order to have a lasting repair. If not the damage will constantly transfer from the used part back to the new part and vice versa. The quality of the replacement parts also plays a part in how long the repair will last. I am a big supporter of using OE quality parts since I have to stand behind every repair that I do. Depending on your budget and abilities you could possibly get reasonable use of the system by cleaning the resistor terminals and replacing the two heat damaged terminals in the harness connector. Understand that this type of repair could range in results ranging from not working at all to working for many months. Replacing the connector and resistor with quality new parts and performing sound installation practices should yield a repair that will last for many years. Hope this helps.

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