2007 Lincoln Town Car Removing The Steering Column

I recently had to remove the dash assembly from a 2007 Lincoln Town Car in order to replace several a/c actuators. I divided the repair into several articles due to the length of material and quantity of images. This part is dedicated to removing the steering column. The battery has already been disconnected.

Removing the dash face trim panel allows more room to work around the steering column. There are two 7 mm headed screws that have to be removed along the upper edge.


Grasping the panel as shown below allows the panel to be pulled loose from the dash. Care should be taken not to break anything. Then work back across to the left of the panel. Loosening as you go.


There are several switches that will need to be disconnected before the panel can be removed. I found it easier to start on the passenger’s side and work back to the driver’s side of the panel.


There is a 7 mm headed screw that has to be removed from the parking brake handle assembly.


Once the screw is removed the handle slides towards the front of the vehicle and then drops down. The screw holds the handle in place and secures the lower left corner of the under dash trim panel.


There is a push pin that holds the lower right comer of the same panel.


The panel can then be pulled towards the seat and rocked around in order to release the three spring style retaining clips along the upper edge of the panel.


There are several screws with 8 mm heads securing the metal panel to the driver’s knee area of the dash.


The metal knee bolster removed from under the steering column area of the dash.


There are three 5.5 mm headed screws that secure the lower steering column cover to the steering column.


Care has to be taken to separate the two halves of the steering column cover. For me it seemed to work best to pull up above the turn signal handle. Then work my way around the entire seam until it was separated. The lower cover has to be slid over the tilt handle.


The shift indicator cable needs to be removed from the steering column. One 5.5 headed screw holds it in place. Once the screw is removed the brown/tan plastic bracket needs to be moved towards the radio area then it needs to be rocked up and lifted off of the mounting perch.


With the cable assembly loose the actual cable end loop needs to be lifted up and rolled off of the securing point.


The focus can now be shifted to all of the harness end connectors being removed from the various switches and other electrical components.



They all have thumb or lever latches that secure them to their component.


The push pin retainers holding the harness assembly to the lower portion of the steering column also have to be detached.


A 13 mm socket and 3/8 ratchet are needed to remove the steering column coupling bolt.


The removed bolt.


The white vacuum lines need to be disconnected at the splice point under the righ and left sides of the steering column.


The shifter cable has to be pried off the the attaching pivot point. Use only enough force to dislodge the end from the pin. Excessive force could damage the cable.


The white plastic attaching bracket has two detent pins at the top and bottom of the bracket. Once the detents have been lifted clear the white plastic can be pried out of the metal bracket.


I use a wire tie slid through the coupler and around the main bracket to prevent the steering column shaft from turning once it is free of the vehicle. This prevents the airbag clock spring assembly from being damaged.


Thee are four 13 mm hex nuts that secure the steering column to the vehicle.




A better view of how a wire tie is used to secure the steering column shaft from turning.


The steering column removed. Of course in this picture the dash is also out of the vehicle.


This metal bar/brace attaches to the left forward steering column mounting stud.


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