1999 Ford F150, Replacing Broken Blend Door, Part Two

This is the second part of this repair to see the first part please click here.

Moving to the driver’s side of the vehicle the finish panel that covers the sides and top edge of the steering column opening needs to be removed. It will pull loose by grabbing the lower edges and pulling it away from the dash. Then you can work your way up the sides to release the remaining clips. Then switch the ignition on and pull the shifter to the lowest gear. Also tilt the column fully down. Remove the panel.

There is one screw on the right hand side of the steering column.

One screw in the lower right recess.

Remove the fuse box door by pulling out on the handle. Notice that the driver’s kick panel is missing. I removed it and the driver’s side “A” pillar trim panel at the same time I removing the passenger side.

Remove the screws that hold the hood and brake cables to the dash. The screws that attach above the pull handles are easy enough to see and remove.

You will need to look or feel around for the others.

The upper retaining screw located in the recess.

The lower screw is located just below the point that the left fuse box door clip snaps into.

Up til this point all of the screws have had 7 mm heads. The two screws in this panel have 8 mm heads.

This harness needs to be disconnected from the metal bracket.

Now the four 13 mm nuts that secure the knee bolster bracket to the dash need to be removed.

The shift indicator cable needs to be removed from the steering column. The loop on the end of the cable needs to be removed from the hook. Then the screw that holds the cable assembly to the bracket needs to be removed. Be gentle with this cable and it can easily be broken. The white attaching bracket is already broken on this one.

There are several connectors on the left  and right side of the steering column that need to be disconnected.

All of the connectors on the right side of the steering column have to be disconnected.

There are several on the left side of the steering column.including the one for the ignition switch, the shift interlock solenoid, the overdrive cancel switch and a multi-pin connector at the left of the opening. Now the next four 13 mm nuts can be removed so that the steering column can be dropped down.

The column has to be wiggled around slightly to allow the shifter cable and bracket to clear the dash frame.  Look closely at the top of the next picture. Note that two of the four screws along the upper edge of the picture have been removed. Also note that there is a screw in the dead center of the dash just below the shadow cast by the tan plastic. All three of these screws have to be removed that hold the dash carrier to the dash body frame.

In addition to the screw that I am removing in the next picture, there is one more on the lower right side of the opening. It holds the black dash carrier to the lower floor bracket. I believe it is in the shadowed area at the lower right corner of the next picture.

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