2006 Toyota Camry XLE, Skips and Check Engine Light Is On

This 2006 Toyota Camry with a V6 engine came in with a misfire complaint and an SES light on. A quick check with my scan tool revealed a code P0302 for a cylinder #2 misfire. There was also a code P0174 stored for bank 2 too lean. There were some transmission codes also but I will leave that for another post.

Time to do a visual inspection. The first thing to do is to remove the top engine cover panel. It is held on place by three Allen headed bolts.

The oil filler cap can be removed as well for easier removal. Lift the panel to detach the rear hold downs.

Right away I noticed that this does not look correct.

The wires for the number two injector are eaten off at the injector connector and where they should be coming out of the harness.

A piece of the missing wires.

I opened up the harness and wired in a new injector harness pigtail.

I also had to replace some vacuum hoses that had been eaten off as well.

Thank goodness the rat that ate this was nowhere to be found.

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