2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Turn Signals Erratic / Not Working

This 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee came in with the complaint that the turns signals would work sometimes. When it arrived at the shop they were not working at all. Experience tells me that it is probably a faulty flasher assembly but a few panels have to be removed to access the flasher relay.

The panel at the lower edge of the instrument cluster unsnaps and pulls away. It has to be maneuvered around the tilt lever.

The fuse box cover at the lower left of the dash has to be removed. It unsnaps and pulls down.

There is a 10 mm headed screw in each of the lower corners of the knee bolster.

A phillip’s head screw at the end of the dash.

Two phillip’s headed screws at the top edge. One on either side of the steering column.

In the picture below, I am pointing out that there are relays above the fuse area.

The hazard/turn signal flasher relay. With either the hazards or turns signals switched on it usually only takes a slight push to make the flasher start working again. After I was sure of the problem, I used a pair of pliers to gently grab the relay and wiggle it from its socket.

I then used a couple of small screw drivers to release the side latches that hold the cover on the relay assembly.

With the latches released I separated the two pieces.

If you look closely at the upper left solder joint you should see the crack in the solder joint.

A little touch up with a soldering gun and some electronics grade solder and this one was fixed.

Sometimes more that one solder joint will have to be repaired so look closely.

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  1. I have a 2000 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo turn signals just stopped working and I checked the fuse above the fuse box it’s make contact but does not work or light up the dash I have to do it manually making contact what else could be the problem?

    1. Not quite sure what exactly “it’s make contact but does not work” means? It sounds like the flasher relay may be faulty. If you want to pursue this, it is much easier to carry on a discussion in the Ask a Question section. To use the “Ask a Question” section of this site to finish the conversation. Locate the “My Account” or “Login” button at the top right of the page if on a desktop or laptop. Within the menu symbol if using a phone. After you are logged in to your account click on the “My Account” button and scroll down until you see the “My Questions” section. Then re ask your question there. Thanks, Sparky

  2. So I am running in to an issue where anytime I pop my 01 Grand Cherokee Laredo into reverse, the #20 fuse blows (blinkers, ac/blower, reverse lights). Both tail-light assemblies have been replaced, as well as both head light assemblies.
    Everything works again after I replace the fuse, but will inevitably the fuse blows again whether its the same day or the next. It didn’t happen at all while we had cold weather for some reason.
    I took it in to multiple Jeep dealerships to no avail. Have you ever heard of this issue?

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