1995 Ford Explorer, Blower Will Not Turn Off.

This 1995 Ford explorer came in with the complaint that the blower motor stays on even with the key off.  The customer had already figured out that the blower fuse could be removed to stop the blower from operating with the key off.

The blower speed controller is located under the hood and below the blower motor. If it is the original design, it can be quite difficult to see. The original connector did not have sealed terminals, so Ford used a rubber boot to seal out moisture from the connector.

To get my hand down to the controller connector I first removed the cruise control servo mounting bolts. Unplugged the harness and moved the servo out of the way.

I had to use a long screwdriver to depress the locking tab and pulled the harness loose from the controller.

To gain more room to work, I also disconnected the wiring harness connectors around the area and moved the harness out of the way.

I then used a long socket and palm ratchet to remove the outer screw.

To remove the inner screw, I used a long extension and swivel attached to the socket (8 mm).

As you can see from the pictures below the blower speed controller has been redesigned.

I had to remove the split loom and tape from the harness to gain enough room to stagger the wire splices.

As you can see it takes some length to splice the wires in a staggered fashion.

I taped the harness back up with the split loom back in place.

Installed the new blower speed controller and connected the harness.

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