How To Find Good Mechanic?

I ran across this site today and I think it is a pretty good idea.  I had plans to do something similar in the distant future, but it would seem, that these guys are doing a pretty good job. I wish them all of the success in the world.

Here is the concept as I currently understand it:

Technicians or mechanics can go to the site and build a profile, after taking an automotive logic and reasoning test. They can then give, the customer’s that they work for, the site’s address. The customers leave feedback and rate their favorite technicians. Quality technicians, and the shops that employ them, will gain faithful customers by word of mouth and the website

Technicians also benefit from a growing list of automotive resources that they may not even be aware of.

Vehicle owners will be able to locate the best mechanics and the shops that employ them. They also will benefit from a list of automotive resources.

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