2001 Saturn SL, No Blower Operation

This 2001 Saturn SL came in with a complaint of no blower operation. The easiest place to start is the blower motor. It is located below the passenger side of the dash.

I tested by back probing one of the blower motor wires with the tip of my test light and back probed the other wire with a pick attached to the test light clamp. I had the ignition switch on and the blower set to high. The blower did not work and the light lit up indicating a faulty blower motor. As is standard for this condition, I bumped the motor a couple of times with the heel of my hand and it started working. I checked, while it was working to confirm that all speeds worked and they did.

Time to change the blower motor. Pull the locking tab on the harness connector to disengage.

Pull the harness free of the motor.

There are three screws that have to be removed.

I took this one out before I disconnected the wiring, it seems.

The cover slides off of the old blower motor.

Then slides back onto the new motor, bolt the motor in place and reconnect the harness. This one is done.

3 discussions on “2001 Saturn SL, No Blower Operation”

  1. From your general description it sounds like the blower resistor has failed and that the blower motor is in the process of failing. The “L” series does have the blower motor located in the center of the dash under the windshield area. I have never performed this task but it appears that the wiper arms and cowl cover have to be removed to access the blower motor assembly. Testing could be done at the motor, relay, resistor and switches. I would strongly recommend having a service manual that includes wiring diagrams before continuing.

  2. My 01 saturn ls gets cold ac and will get heat but the blower only works sometimes and only on the highest setting. I’ve seen several videos where they say the blower motor is beneath the windshield wipers in the middle of the car behind the dash. what do you think my problem is?

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