2003 Chevrolet Silverado, Daytime Running Lights Inop

This 2003 Chevrolet Silverado came in with both daytime running lights inoperative. In order to access the DRL bulbs the headlight assembly has to be removed first. It is pretty simple. Locate the retaining pin and lift up the lever.

With the lever lifted up the pin can be slid out towards the center of the grill.

Now that the pin is removed the headlight assembly can be tilted forward.

Once the assembly is far enough out the wires can be disconnected from the bulbs.

All right now the headlight assembly is out of the way you can access the DRL socket from the rear of the lower light assembly. However it is pretty easy most of the time to just depress the latch at the outer edge of the light assembly.

I am using a screw driver to depress the latch and then the assembly will come out quite easily.

I removed the socket from the lens assembly with the intention of just replacing the bulb but I found that the socket was damaged, burnt out.

I spliced in a new 4184 socket assembly. Installed a new bulb, placed the socket back into the light assembly and reassembled the truck. Another one fixed.

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You have let me realize that I did not put enough information on actually splicing in the new socket. There has been some confusion so I have added another post on that subject.
Click here to see.

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  1. The “black nib” should have a grayish blue dome over it and yes, it is the ambient light / sunload sensor. If it were to report to the computer systems that it is dark outside the DRL”s would not work but the headlights would also be on during the daytime.

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