2003 GMC Envoy, Low Beam Headlight Inop

This 2003 GMC Envoy came in with the complaint that the passenger side low beam would not work. The customer further stated that they had tried to replace a burnt socket. Well let’s pull the light assembly out and see what kind of mess we have. There are two retainers that have to be lifted up to remove the light assembly.


Once the retainers are pulled up the headlight assembly can be wiggled out far enough to unhook the harness connectors.

Depress the locking tab and rotate the light socket to remove.

With the assembly removed the rubber sealing cover can be removed.


This does not look very good. The customer tried to install a sealed type connector for a 9006 bulb but it will not fit without removing a lot of material. Twisting the wires together and wrapping with tape is not a good long lasting way of repairing either. If you need to see and have nothing else to work with it will do though.


The customer still had the original burnt connector. Pretty bad.

I cut the wires back in order to stagger the joints. I then installed quality splice connectors and heat shrink tubing.

Next, I installed the connector onto the new bulb and installed the bulb into the lamp assembly and reinstalled into vehicle. A new bulb must be installed when the connector is replaced or the repair will not last very long. To purchase the low-beam connector, please click here. If you need to purchase the high-beam connector, please click here.

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  1. The headlight bulb and connector have to be replaced at the same time or the problem will transfer to the new part. If that has been done, you need to consider these possible causes: a brighter/higher wattage bulb is being used. If so go back to using a factory rated bulb. Check for signs of moisture damage from a leaking light assembly. Check for loose components that will subject the light to excessive vibration. The loose part could be internal or external to the light assembly. fender or bumper. Also do not use a sealed connector. The light assembly itself is supposed to be sealed. If you use a sealed connector it will not allow enough air flow around the terminals in the connector. This will cause excessive heat build up. I hope these suggestions help.

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