Removing The Tilt Lever Handle On GM Cars & Trucks

It is kind of funny to me but this is one of those things I tend to take for granted that the average person working on his or her car has difficulty with. I think for me it must be a combination of experience and hand strength that makes it so easy to remove the tilt handles on GM cars and trucks that look like the following picture.

I firmly grasp the handle and pull it straight out to release the internal retention clips. Much like you would pull a socket off of a ratchet.

Once I feel the handle release it is very easy to just continue pulling,

Until it is fully removed.

The following is a close up picture of the internal retaining clip.

You may want to use a screw driver or pry bar to assist in removing the handle. Just be careful not to scar the plastic. Hope this helps. Please let me know if I overlook anything else that I may be taking for granted that needs more explaining.

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